Sports Mouth Guard

Sports Mouth Guard in Pasadena, Maryland 

If you have ever been involved in contact sports, you have likely worn a mouth guard to protect your teeth. However, while physical sports are a very good reason to wear a mouth guard, there are many other circumstances where a mouthguard could be beneficial, including: 

  • During the night to prevent damage of teeth during night time grinding. 
  • To help reduce or prevent TMJ pain.
  • To prevent damage to veneers, crowns and implants for patients who grind their teeth at night. 


Your smile is important to us here at Sunrise Dental Studio, and we want you to have a smile that you are proud of. If you are in the Pasadena, Maryland area, come see us today to learn more about our mouth guards. 


What is a Mouth Guard?

A mouth guard is a piece of dental appliance that acts as a protective barrier for your teeth. The mouth guards protect you from injury and can help prevent damage to any dental work done in your mouth. Mouth guards are normally made out of a combination of hard and soft dental plastic that is custom made to fit your mouth. 


Getting a Mouth Guard 

Getting a dental mouth guard is a completely painless procedure. An impression or intra oral scan of your teeth will be taken, and then the mold will be used to create a mouth guard that perfectly fits your mouth. You will pick up the mouth guard from your dentist at a later date when the dentist can ensure that the mouth guard fits you properly. 


Mouth guards can last for a long time if they are cared for and cleaned properly. If a mouth guard is starting to loosen in your mouth, ask your dentist if it is time to have a replacement made. 


Considering all of the time and money you are putting in to create a smile you are confident in, your efforts should not be wasted on a dental injury that could have been prevented. A mouth guard can prevent chipped and broken teeth, biting your tongue, knocked out teeth, grinding, and so much more. Ultimately, a mouth guard could end up saving you a lot of time, money, and unnecessary pain. 


If you are in Pasadena, Maryland, call Sunrise Dental Studio today to schedule a consultation and ask any questions about mouth guards. We want to help you protect your beautiful smile.

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