Root Canals

root canal infographicRoot Canals in Pasadena, Maryland

At Sunrise Dental Studio, it is very important for us to not only help prevent problems with your teeth but to also solve problems when they occur. We do our very best to save your teeth from decay and to help save them when they need saving. A root canal in Pasadena is a very important dental procedure that saves the tooth when the whole root of the tooth is severely decayed.

Root Canal Signs

There are signs that you can look out for to indicate that you may need a root canal. Not in every case will these signs signify you needing the procedure so if you are experiencing any of these, please give us a call to get it checked out.

  • You have a chipped or cracked tooth. If your tooth has been cracked, it increases the chance of food and bacteria getting into your tooth, causing decay.
  • Prolonged sensitivity can happen if you require a root canal. Not all sensitivity can indicate a root canal is needed, but it is important to get it checked either way.
  • Swollen gums is a good indication that there is something not right going on near the bottom of the tooth.
  • Severe sensitivity to hot or cold temperature foods.

Root Canal Process

If you require a root canal in Pasadena it is because the root or roots of your tooth have been infected and are causing problems. To stop the pain and take care of the problem, the decay in the root of the tooth needs to be removed. This can’t be solved by a traditional cavity removal, the process is more timely and intense.

In the center of your tooth, the place called the pulp is located, this pulp is the live portion of your tooth containing nerves that travel down through the roots. Root canal procedures usually consist of removing the outer portion of the tooth that is infected, then using a special tool to remove the decayed pulp from the roots.

After the decay is removed, the roots are then filled and sealed with a special material to help prevent any further decay from reaching the roots. If most of the outer natural tooth had been removed to complete the root canal, a crown would be placed to make a natural tooth shape.

If you are in the Pasadena, Maryland area and you have some root canal signs, please come into Sunrise Dental Studio so we can help! You must take care of problems quickly to avoid root canals or to avoid furthering the damage. If you have any questions please come by to see us!

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