Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistry sunrise dental studio Dentist in Pasadena, MDRestorative Dentistry in Pasadena, Maryland

If you have a dental concern, such as a toothache or a missing tooth, restorative dentistry is the right option for you. At Sunrise Dental, we offer restorative dentistry in Pasadena, MD. From dental fillings to dental implants, we can help you restore your smile! We invite you to keep reading to gain more information on restorative dentistry.


Dental Fillings

If you have a toothache, you may be experiencing a dental infection caused by dental caries. Decay happens when bacteria collects on the surface of your teeth. If not removed, the bacteria forms an acid that breaks down the surface of your tooth. As the acid eats through the outer layers of your tooth, it exposes the underneath nerves and blood vessels, causing pain. In a dental filling, Dr. Yau will first remove the decay. Then she will fill in the cavity with a composite resin, a unique plastic-like material that will prevent the decay from spreading. Dental fillings are a quick restorative dentistry option that only takes one visit to Sunrise Dental Studio. 

Dental Bonding 

Also made of composite resin, dental bonding is much like dental fillings. The big difference is that dental bonding focuses on repairing the outside of the tooth. Dental bonding’s putty-like material allows Dr. Yau to form your tooth in any way you would like. 

Dental Crowns and Bridges

These are an excellent restorative dentistry solution if you have a significant break in your tooth, decay, or a missing tooth. First, dental crowns are best for broken and decayed teeth. A dental crown is a cap that fits over the tooth. If your tooth has decay that is too large to repair with a dental filling, Dr. Yau may recommend a dental crown. After she removes the decay, she will prepare the tooth so the crown can fit over it. Then, she will take digital impressions of the tooth and send them off to the lab. After creating the crown, she will place the crown with a bonding material. 

Dental bridges are similar to dental crowns as multiple dental crowns are attached to form a bridge over a missing tooth. On either end of the dental bridge is a crown that fits over the tooth adjacent to the missing tooth. This restorative dentistry option takes a few visits to Sunrise Dental Studio.  

Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth and are looking to restore the entire tooth from the root to the crown, dental implants are for you. Dental implants have three main parts: the implant post, the abutment, and the crown. The post is a titanium screw, which is solid metal. First, the titanium screw will be placed in the area of your missing tooth . It will take four months for the implant to integrate into your bone. After the implant is tested and is completely integrated the abutment and crown will be placed to restore your missing tooth/teeth. The abutment connects the post to the crown. There are several crowns that you can choose from depending on your restorative dentistry needs. For example, if you have multiple missing teeth, you can choose a dental bridge or dentures. For a single missing tooth, Dr. Yau recommends a dental crown. 


Restorative dentistry in Pasadena, MD, has innovative procedures with state-of-the-art technology. Dr. Yau and her team strive to help you find the best restorative dentistry option for you. At Sunrise Dental Studio, we offer dental implants, dental fillings, dental crowns and bridges, dental bonding, and more. We can restore your smile whether you have a broken tooth, a toothache, a missing tooth, or anything else. We are here for you. For more information about restorative dentistry or to schedule an appointment, call our office today.

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