Emergency Dentistry

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There are many different types of dentistry, ranging from cosmetic to emergency. Emergency dentistry is the most severe of all the different types, and is something that needs to be completed as soon as possible where appropriate. Your dental emergency deserves to be handled by someone who cares about your health, and will do everything they can to help, which is what you have found at Sunrise Dental Studio.


What Is Emergency Dentistry?

A dental emergency is any incident that involves your mouth and requires immediate medical attention. When you visit a regular dentist, even if you need treatment, you will likely have to make an appointment and come back another day. When there is a dental emergency, your dentist will be able to quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem, decide which treatment is necessary and conduct the proper treatment. Emergency dentistry is the process of assessing, diagnosing and then treating a dental emergency as soon as possible. 

In order for your issue to be classed as a dental emergency, it is going to have to be negatively impacting your life in some way. Emergency dentistry will need to be carried out as soon as possible from when you notice that there is an issue. You will likely have to go to the emergency room, or visit your dentist office in Pasadena. 


What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

But, how do you know what is considered a dental emergency? Well, one of the signs is that your mouth is bleeding. We don’t mean that you have bit your gum by accident and now there is a little bit of blood, but uncontrollable bleeding. Facial bone trauma is another emergency that you should be contacting your Pasadena dentist about.

If you are trying to decide whether or not something is a dental emergency, consider whether or not the issue could be life-threatening and then make a decision from there. Some of the most common dental emergencies are as follows:

  • Pain to head and neck region
  • Swelling to head and neck region
  • A fractured jawline
  • Abscess
  • Injury affecting your gums
  • Partially dislodged tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Trauma to the oral cavity.

If you find yourself in high levels of pain, but you’re not sure whether it is classed as an emergency, you can always get in touch with your dentist in Maryland. They will ask you about your symptoms and then let you know whether or not you require emergency dentistry treatment. 


Get In Touch With Sunrise Dental Studio

If you would like to find out more about emergency dentistry, or you think that you need to see a dentist for this, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sunrise Dental Studio Dentistry. You can either call on 410-647-3595, or head to the website where you can schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you can get in touch via email on info@sunrisedentalstudio.com

The dental practice is located on Ritchie Hwy, so if you are facing a dental emergency, you’re worried and think you need emergency dentistry services, come in and talk to a dentist as soon as possible. 


If you need a Maryland dentist that cares, Sunrise Dental Studio is here for you.

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