Dental Extractions

woman teeth extractionDental Extractions in Pasadena, Maryland

At Sweetbay Family Dentistry, it is our top priority to make sure that every patient that comes into our office for dental care is as comfortable as possible. All of our staff are highly trained in doing all procedures. Our primary goal is to ensure comfort for patients of all ages for all dental procedures. A common procedure that we take extreme caution and care for is the dental extraction in Pasadena. Understanding the common reasons for extractions and the extraction process itself can educate the patient and put their mind at ease.

Reasons for Dental Extractions

  • The most common reason for tooth extraction is severe decay or cavity
  • The tooth is impacted, mainly this just pertains to your wisdom teeth if they are impacted and could cause damage in the future
  • Severely malformed, cracked, or broken teeth
  • There isn’t enough room in the patient’s mouth for all of the teeth to grow in properly and in the right place

It is preferred by us to try and save your natural teeth and do all we can to restore them to their original form, in some cases extraction is the best answer. Depending on the tooth being extracted, there might be a restorative cosmetic procedure that can be performed to replace the tooth.

Extraction Process

Depending on your specific case, it is classified as one of two types of extractions, simple and surgical. When the damage to the tooth or the decay is visible on the upper part of the tooth, this is classified as a simple extraction. The patient will be numbed and then the tooth will carefully be removed from its socket.

If the tooth has been broken off of the root, and the root needs to be removed, this is labeled as a surgical extraction. Surgical extractions are a little bit more extensive and in some cases, depending on severity, need to be performed by an oral surgeon.

After the tooth is extracted, specific care instructions are given to the patient to keep the area clean and prevent other problems. Cosmetic options will also be discussed for possible future procedures.

Sweetbay Family Dentistry is here to help you and anyone in your family with all dental needs, including dental extractions in Pasadena, MD. We want to help the people of Pasadena, Maryland keep a healthy and glowing smile!

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