Dental Crowns

crowns & bridgesDental Crowns in Pasadena, Maryland

It is very important for us here at Sweetbay Family Dentistry to encourage great oral hygiene and to come to see us frequently to help catch problems early on. Overtime cavities grow and can cause serious damage to your teeth and could even cause you to lose them. In some cases, decay can become so bad that most of the outside of the tooth needs to be removed.

Dental Crowns

If most of your tooth has been broken off or has had to be removed, the option of a dental crown in Pasadena is available. The crown itself is described as a porcelain cap that is shaped like a tooth and is bonded to an anchor made from your original tooth.

Dental crowns are custom made to fit the size and the color of your teeth correctly. If you and the dentist decide that a dental crown is what is best for you, steps will be taken to create the perfect crown for you.

The dental crown process only takes about 2-3 visits to complete. On the first visit, you and the dentist will decide on a crown, take impressions to custom make the tooth, remove excess tooth down to the anchor portion, then a temporary crown will be placed. The second visit is to place and bond the crown onto the anchor portion of the tooth.

Dental Bridge

If you are missing two or more teeth in a row and would like to restore your smile, a dental bridge might be for you! Dental bridges are a row of porcelain teeth, just like the crowns, that are anchored onto your surrounding teeth. These teeth are also custom made to fit the size and the color of your teeth to ensure they look natural.

Having a complete smile that you love will help boost your confidence levels and have you constantly smiling. If you are in the Pasadena, Maryland area and think that a dental crown is a thing for you please stop by and see us! At Sweetbay Family Dentistry we want to help everyone obtain a beautiful and healthy smile!

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