Dental Crowns Pasadena, Maryland

dental crown illustrationWhat are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth restorations that appear above the gum line and replace the original crown of the tooth. Patients in Pasadena, Maryland, typically need replacement dental crowns when the original tooth was damaged or decayed in some way and had to be removed. 

The word “crown” is interesting. It comes from the fact that the visible part of molar teeth resembles a monarch’s crown. Dentists use the term “crown” to distinguish the upper part of the tooth from the root. 

Dentists can fit dental crowns in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they will place a crown on top of an implanted metal root (called an implant). Here, both the root and the crown are synthetic. Other times, they will create a small peg from your existing tooth material and then fit the new crown on top of it. They may also recommend that you get a bridge – a special prosthetic that fixes the new crown to healthy teeth on either side. 


When Do You Need Dental Crowns?

There are several situations in which patients in Pasadena, MD, might need a crown. 


To Get Rid Of Unsightly Fillings

Large fillings can sometimes be a little unsightly, especially if they cover a large area of the surface of your teeth. But, fortunately, you can correct the problem with a crown. Here, we remove the old natural crown wholesale and replace it with an artificial one that isn’t at risk of decay. 


To Protect A Root

Crowns can also help if you’ve had a root filling and need to protect the root of the tooth. Root fillings are highly effective in their own right. But adding a dental crown makes them more resistant by preventing food debris from clustering around them. 


To Hold A Denture In Place More Firmly

You can also get a crown to help secure your denture in place more firmly. Adding a healthy crown provides you with more anchor points. 


To Replace An Extracted Tooth

Sometimes, teeth decay to the point where your only option is extraction. Dental crowns, therefore, can replace the missing tooth and restore your smile. 


How Do Dentists Fit Dental Crowns?

How dentists fit dental crowns in Maryland depends on the type of procedure you require. 

If the dentist is fitting a crown to an existing tooth peg, they will first take an X-ray of the tooth and jawbone to check it for decay. 

They will then shape the tooth to prepare it to receive the crown. How much tooth the dentist removes depends on the type of dental crown you’re getting. Porcelain crowns are thicker than metal, and so require more tooth removal. 

After shaping, we will create an impression of the peg that will determine the shape of the final crown. 

During the second visit a few weeks later, we will then fit the new crown using dental cement. Then it’s just a matter of shaping it to fit your bite. 

Fitting a crown to an implant is similar. We screw an abutment onto the implant and then attach it to a crown. 

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