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About Sweet Bay Family Dentistry

If you’re in the Pasadena area and are in need of a wonderful dental practice, then why not head to Sweet Bay Family Dentistry? Here at Sweet Bay, we have great staff members and experienced dentists who will provide whatever you need. With plenty of skill and years under their belts, our trained professionals will provide the care and detail you need.

If you need crowns or veneers right now, then our dentists will be on hand to provide you with the most straightforward and smooth procedures. Composite fillings, root canals, extractions, and Invisalign treatment are also a part of our repertoire – as well as whitening services and many, many more.

Our experienced dentists, Jennifer Yau, DDS, and Lawrence P. Hand, DDS, have all of the skills and experience to provide you with the exact service and care you require. They will have seen it before and worked on it many times over! Jennifer specializes in many facets, including cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Lawrence, too, knows a thing or two about cosmetic work while also being experienced in prosthetic dentistry. With decades of experience combined, our dentists will certainly know how to deal with whatever issue you present.


About Pasadena, Maryland 

Pasadena is a CDP in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. With a population of around thirty thousand people, it’s certainly a place with lots going on. It is still a fairly laid back and quiet area compared with neighboring cities like Washington, Baltimore, and Annapolis. People can relax and enjoy their homes without too much of a big crowd. 

In terms of the recreational facilities in Pasadena, Lake Waterford Park is the biggest park the entire area has to offer. Beachwood Park and the Jacobsville Recreation Area are also available for people to frequent. There is also a mile of trails, two basketball courts, four tennis courts, many picnic areas, and even more fishing areas. A popular pastime for those in Pasadena is golf. The Compass Pointe and Pasadena Golf Centre are two popular places for golf-lovers in this part of the world. They’re open to the public and do not require an expensive membership. 

Within Pasadena, you’ll have an array of houses, condos, and apartments. There is an eclectic mix for you to choose from, with diverse groups of people all enjoying what is on offer. Most homes for sale in Pasadena are single-family houses with one or two stories. As mentioned before, though, there are lots of different kinds of plans – including Cape Cod, ranch, and colonial styles. The cost of living in Pasadena is slightly higher than in other areas of Maryland. This doesn’t mean the area isn’t affordable for most, however.


So, if you’re thinking of moving into the Pasadena area or you’re currently situated there (or near), then perhaps Sweet Bay Family Dentistry can be of service to you. Located at 8352 Ritchie Hwy, Pasadena, 21122, they’ll be ready and waiting to serve. 

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